Friday, April 17, 2009

focusing on the greens everyday

I have really fallen in a hole this week. Although I have had at least one green smoothie a day, I have struggled to stay raw with all the snacking and disruptions in the day. Its been Easter and school holidays - with us going to a theme park everyday. I did ok at Easter - ate my one lindt bunny and snacked on nuts and juices.

I seem to be fine during the day - packing nuts, fruit and plenty of water to go on our picnics - but just can't seem to hold it together at night - home starving hungry - a green smoothie just not cutting it.

am hating myself for eating toast or crackers and hate that I'd be rather eating a steak than a salad.... still haven't yet- but the temptation is great.

what makes it worse is that my measurements are confirming the fact I have to be 100% raw to continue to shed weight - if I deviate even one meal - I stuff up and don't loose anything for the week.

in a rough spot.... about to bleed... need ... something bad...

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