Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Get your kids eating silverbeet

Seriously - how many kids will ask you for more silverbeet for dinner? I am a great vege lover - and there are days that even I couldn't look at silverbeet...until now.

Yesterday I did a three green smoothie day. I know I didn't drink enough water - so need to up that end of the deal.. and late last night I was tempted by a piece of Italian Easter Bread with butter.. Its all gone now - thank goodness.

Here is a photo of Morgan at dinner time - drinking up his silverbeet greens.. hummmmm - some grape juice, ice, honeydew melon and three stems of silverbeet went into this - and really - the kids loved it and wanted more.

Lilly tucked into my lettuce greens this morning - a pici of her - - it had 1 cos lettuce, 2 bananas and some frozen strawberries.

I have to say I really notice the difference in my motivation and drive during the day if I don't start with one of these energy boosters.

I have renewed vows and thanks to the kind comments nd encourgement I am getting from other raw foodists.. will continue on my path.

I know in my heart it is the right way - but man - its so hard....

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