Saturday, April 11, 2009

This week

A bit of an up and down week....

I have gone from two to one green smoothie a day, eating fruit heaps one day - attempting to choose better cooked foods the next - and then blowing out with a shared family meal of a thai pinapple and chicken curry - followed the next day with a gross hotdog when we went bowling ( the only famous thing about it was that it was rubbish) and hot chips I snuck in while the kdis were looking the other way..... oh and last night.... at my brothers housewarming.... to be fair I did have only two green smoothies during the day ( and some coffee and the odd banana and apple) .... Prawns totally tempted me and I just gave up when the smoking garlic and chilli BBQed prawns came straight off the Barbie and onto the table beside me. I had a coctail - but gave it away after a few sips.

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I know I need to catch myself doing the right things - so I have smiled and said no to lollies and easter treats - mostly. I have one lindt choc easter bunny ready for me tommorrow - and don't eat rubbish chocolate - so won't be tempted to eat the kids treats when it all comes out. I also have my back up raw chocolate in the fridge and have planned some fresh juices for breaky tommorrow and at least one green smoothie.

I did my measure ups a few days ago and have shed nothing this week. Not sure if its because I am eating some cooked foods now - or if its a plateau.

Age seems keen to get into raw again and has been listening to David Wolfs new stuff on the net. It really is too hard to do by oneself - as a family it needs to be a family decision and activity.

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  1. Yay for green smoothies, green juices, and raw foods :) Every little bit counts ;)


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