Monday, June 29, 2009

Making it easy to eat Fruit

I know many children who will not eat fruit - I know its a bizarre and weird thing and I can't even comprehend it - but its true. This is apples and pears and oranges - the most common fruits in the Western World and available - well because of our globalization - all the time - but don't get me started on that issue.....

Use a sharp knife and cut firmly into the flesh to make these leaf like patterns. Oranges are often difficult for children to eat as they can't peel them. Help the process along but loosening the skin off most of the orange and cutting a little way up the quarter and then curl it under - making it look like a swan or a flower.

How easy an afternoon dish is this? If you prepare it earlier - keep it fresher by popping into pure water with a squeeze of either lemon or lime juice.

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