Sunday, July 19, 2009

Same old Same old

No photos or entries for a while – been doing probably 60% raw and the things I have been eating have been old favourites – good old tomato salad, guacamole and some simple salads. With the weather being so chilly, its been difficult to motivate the family to eat raw and I haven’t pushed it. No use in completely alienating a great idea. We generally have a raw – freshly done juice with carrots, beetroot and apple ( or variants of this) in our evening meal.

I have been doing the occasional green smoothie –one a day – but with the lack of good melons ( my favourite base) have been less than inspired by my dreadful attempts with an apple and a banana with a green thing.

I’ve read on many sites that people include chillies and other warming herbs and spices into raw foods and I am sure this works for many. I am such a spice and chilli whimp I can’t handle the slightest amount.

I have been eating a lot of fruit – just in the natural state and enjoying the simplicity of that.

Will have to get back into the swing of exploring new recipes as the weather heats up.

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