Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sourcing Organic Fruit and Veges

One of the most important things when you comit to going raw is the commitment to taste. That might sound really weird - but when you are craving a burger and chips, if all you have to battle that urge is soggy carrots and limp lettuce, then guess what is going to win? I was never a believer in the organic trend; thinking - well really its all the same. Can I just say - I am a complete convert...

We have been buying a box of nearly organic fruit and veges from food connect for about 19 months now. I say nearly as I believe in their ethos... its a not for profit organization who source produce from small farms wihtin 5 hours drive from Brisbane. These farms must comply to a bunch of farming practices. The general rule applied when selecting these farmers has been “local & chemical spray-free first, organic where possible” within the radius. This is great as it has meant that they have been able to work with a wide variety of small farmers using a mixture of farming methods, supporting them while they improve their operation, and encouraging them to run their farms in a more ecologically holistic and environmentally sustainable way.

Whats really important here is that it takes such a long time to become certified organic - that most farmers give up - no-one will buy thier good while they are transitioning.... except Food Connect.

The taste is amazing - really. Most produce is picked or cut in the mornign and driven to the 'homestead' and then immediatly packed that afternoon - or the next morning. Much of the stuff I pick up on my Wednesday was literally in the ground or on the tree that morning. its amazing. Especailly the milk.. straight from the cow into the bottle - nothing else - no treatment, nothing... sadly the regualtions state that I cannot buy it as milk - so I have share in a cow....

Here is a pici of us in front of this weeks box.

A few of my friends have tried to purchase this way - but have given up. Its just too easy to go to the shops every day and buy what you need for a recipie, instead of being inventive with what you are presented.. You see - its a surprise every week what is in the box - and that is the beauty of it I think. We juice alot, I make crackers from left over veges and we eat alot of interesting salads.......( some good ,, some not so...)

There are things in the box that I might not like necessarily - but you just cope ( Paw Paw - yuck... but frozen and in a smoothy - pretty good)

We would eat this much in a week and I also have to suppliment - especailly with things like watermelon/ other melons, Asian greens, bananas, carrots ( juicing) and apples.

the beauty of organic stuff is that it lasts a LONG time.. as its just been picked - it can stay fresh in the fridge for ages - not that I have tested over a week - as its always gone.... but it beats the supermarket stuff - where if you buy it that day - you really have to eat it that night - or it goes manky..

Its been over a year since our stove top packed it in as well - I only have one ring which works and another that works either full on - or not at all.. Its been good for a number or reasons - being raw - either 100% - or mostly/ some .... as it has been in the last few months for us - it means we haven't HAD to fix it ( pretty costly fix....) plus as its a flush top - its given me extra space to put things and prepare food in the kitchen...

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