Friday, November 6, 2009

Disastrous Green Smoothie

Just when you think you are sooooo smart - you end up with a gag worthy green smoothie like I did today.

I’ve been focusing on consistently having a green smoothie once a day. Having reviewed the info from the Butanko family and the videos, I have also been branching out on the greens I use. I’ve not been able to face a lettuce smoothie for a while - but now that more tropical fruit is available, may attempt it again. I bought a few different asian greens the other day to use. I usually just use the pack choi but a green leaffy white based one caught my eye - so I tried it today. I’m not sure if I just got a bad one or if I was a little over zealous ( it was a huge bunch I put into the blender) It was a fantastically luminescent green, very smooth in texture, but man, I nearly heaved after the first sip. The fruit was completely overpowered by the strong peppery green taste. I managed one glass, between huge sips of water and the forced non gag technique I mastered during pregnancy. The rest went down the gurgler.

Even the silverbeat green smoothies are bearable - I can only imagine that I got an old bunch of whatever it was - perhaps it hadn’t been watered enough. However, what it taught me was to only use greens which are really fresh - and I might taste them first - on their own before i plonk them into the mixing bowl..

As far as the rest of the raw diet - been lagging around dinner time - joining in on the family meals. I’m fine for breaky and lunch and (usually) snacks as I enjoy the variety of fruit and juices I can make. However, without the full support of the family to a raw diet - its very challenging - for me at least - to remain so. I sneak in a raw dinner every so often as they all love the freshly cut veges and dips, the ‘ice cream’ we make with frozen fruit and the raw juices.

well - back to it I guess. I'd love to hear how others go with long term commitment to this style of eating

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